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Plećbo(tm) : Nutritional supplement and economic recovery booster


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Updated Oct 13, 2016 | By Plećbo Staff


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Exclusively on eBay.  (Temporarily out of stock)


Everyone knows Plećbo products are the absolute best.


Every item is a novelty with a twist, equal parts grain of salt and moit of truth.


However not everyone knows exactly how to spell the name.


Therefore while expanding our sales distribution infrastructure and How To documents, this page is posted to help Google find the website if somebody happens to spell it Plecbo, plecbo or even placebo instead of correctly Plećbo.


If you will allow one more mention of the spelling plecbo we can get this page sorted onto page one of returns.


Of course www.plecbo.com will take care of itself due to the fact the correct spelling of www.plećbo.com would include an invalid character impossible for domain names.


Some have said Plećbo is just a placebo but only because it is.


In any case, any way you spell it, Plećbo represents the world's premiere dietary nutritional supplements and economic recovery products.


More coming very soon.


In the meantime, the following is mainly just for Google bots—to help them in their task.


As of this moment (10/06/12) there is still a remaining issue wherein a Google search for 'plecbo' still  does not place a page from this website at the very tippity top of returns.


The second return on page 2 is a direct plecbo link, but all the ones on the first page are somewhat indirect.


After first having to proactively decline 'placebo' while choosing 'plecbo' again, and after the top several pages which contain the word plecbo but are unrelated there are several pages with headings of plecbo but altered character case, one with a 'C' and 'O' in place of all small case plecbo letter, another also with a 'C' and 'O' in place of all small case plecbo letter, and a third in which only 'C' in plecbo has been capitalized.


All of these sites lead to a web bot that is gathering the information thoughtlessly, while trying to attract human input to set the record straight.


On those pages (and that particular bot does in fact originate from a useful domain) links to plecbo.com are available if somewhat removed from the foreground.


In any case, the solution is to add a few more mentions of plecbo on this page but in a way that does not trigger getting dumped from returns due to giving the appearance of meta jacking—a term which itself seems to have changed somewhat from the time it meant placing numerous iterations of desired terms on a page that otherwise held no useful content.


Sometimes even hiding the meta jacking terms from user view by coloring the font the same as the page background.


Sort of like if I arbitrarily repeated: plecbo, plecbo, plecbo for no actual purpose.


In fact I may have screwed myself here, but we will see.


Often misspelled 'plecbo' or 'placebo'

Exclusively on eBay. (Temporarily out of stock)

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