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Plećbo(tm) : Nutritional supplement and economic recovery booster


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Water Bottle

Updated Oct 13, 2016 | By Plećbo Staff


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Plećbo (tm)

Nutritional supplement and economic recovery booster

    Good for what ails you!


Nutritional Claims             


Active Ingredients         net-wgt%



  Dextrose Monohydrate 3g ... 10

  Disclaimer ................ 99

  Salt ...................... 1 grn (± exactly)

  Contains the secret ingredient found in almost every other dietary product or nutritional supplement plus many medicinal remedies and absolutely all economic recovery boosters.

Snake oil free.
Trace amounts of excuse.

Not a significant source of anything.


Now packaged with laboratory grade:
Tropical Bovine Stoolessenterds (TBS-#2)

Exclusively on eBay. (Temporarily out of stock)

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