NOS original Plećbo T - $84.00
Exclusively on eBay (Temporarily out of stock)

Available exclusively on eBay. (Temporarily out of stock)

If wearing one of these 100% cotton unisex T-shirts does not make you feel better about yourself and get your economy stimulated, don't even try Viagra.

Rare vintage attic find: this factory fresh t-shirt has been carefully preserved in the upstairs of the Plećbo world headquarters since the day it was received new from our manufacturing division, November 23, 2012.

Accept no imitations, knock-offs, or copies, this is the original vintage Plećbo T.

Ready to ship.

Only a few million remaining until the next run.

Buy a few hundred immediately - before stock runs low.

Here is a close-up of the back panel:

Note the refined vintage 100% cotton fleck fabric - instant grunge!


Here is the back panel easier to read:

Note the age old tradition of weaving disclaimer into the full product.

(Caveat: not a weave but merely highest quality screen printing.)

Mostly made in America: available exclusively on eBay.  (Temporarily out of stock)